Rebar Detection Profoscope

Rebar Detection Profoscope

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Rebar Detection Profoscope
Rebar Detection Profoscope
Rebar Detection Profoscope

Rebar Detection Profoscope

The Profoscope is a versatile, fully-integrated rebar detector and cover meter with a unique real-time rebar visualization allowing the user to actually “SEE” the location of the rebar beneath the concrete surface to a maximum depth of 180 mm. This is coupled with rebar-proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids. Rebar diameter can also be estimated within the specified testing range. The Profoscope combines these unique features in a compact, light device that allows the user to operate this rebar detector with one hand making the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process. In addition, Proceq’s rebar detector convinces through its intuitive user interface making rebar detection easy.
Additional memory function is available with the Profoscope+.


  • A rebar detector with real-time visualization of the rebars beneath the instrument
  • Visual indication of rebars in close proximity
  • The Profoscope is a rebar detector with the ability to identify the mid-point between rebars as well as the orientation of rebars
  • Optical and acoustical indication of rebar location and minimum cover alert
  • This rebar detector offers neighboring bar correction
  • Regional settings (metric, imperial)
  • Cordless and single handed operation
  • Switchable display backlight for dark environments
  • A rebar detector with icon-based language independent menus
  • Start-up test kit allows user to familiarize him/herself with all functions in a comfortable environment, wasting no time on site


  • Rebar detector
  • Measurement of concrete cover
  • Measurement of rebar diameter
  • Checking for minimum cover
  • Map out the rebar grid and cover for corrosion studies (with Canin+)
  • Rebar grid examination for planned load changes on the structure

Technical Data

Power Supply2 x 1,5 V AA (LR6) batteries
Voltage Range3,6 V to 1,8 V
Mechanical Data
Dimension205 x 92 x 41 mm (8 x 3,6 x 1,6 in.)
Weight330 g (12oz)
Battery Lifetime
Backlight off> 50 h
Backlight on> 15 h
Time Outs
Sleep Mode 30 s
Auto Shut Down120 s
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Range-10° C to 60° C (14° to 140° F)
Humidity Range0 to 100% rH
Protection Range IP54
Standards and regulations appliedBS1881 Part 204; DIN1045; SN 505 262; DGZfP B2
Rebar Detection Profoscope

Measuring Range

The measuring range is dependent on the bar size. The expected accuracy of the cover measurement is indicated in the graphic below. (Complies with BS1881 part 204, for a single rebar with sufficient spacing).

Rebar Locator - Profoscope+

Rebar Detection Profoscope
Rebar Detection Profoscope

The Profoscope+ is a fully integrated rebar locator with data storage. To increase the efficiency on the construction site this enhancement of the Profoscope not only offers real time visualization of rebars, but also automatic data collection. Writing down measuring results of testing series is a time consuming business that can be an unnecessary source of errors. The various data storage modes of the rebar locator Profoscope+ make note taking obsolete. This cordless rebar detector is ideally suited for one-handed operations, keeping the other hand free for marking rebars.
The rebar locator Profoscope+ has the same features as the Profoscope, but additionally offers the innovative memory function for data acquisition.


The included Windows based software ProfoLink offers the possibility to comfortably download, edit and present the data measured by the rebar locator. Data exchange can be done easily by connecting the rebar locator Profoscope+ directly to the USB-port of the PC or by reading out the integrated Micro SD memory card.


  • The memory function of the rebar locator Profoscsope+ supports two different modes of operation: The manual data storage allows the user to save concrete cover and rebar diameter on individually chosen spots. The automatic data storage of the rebar locator is especially designed for surface scans. Every time a rebar is detected, the cover value is stored automatically.
  • The ProfoLink software of the Profoscope rebar locator provides professional tools to make clear assessment of the results.

Technical Information

Measuring performance and technical information of this rebar locator are identical to the Profoscope.

  • The rebar locator can store 49’500 measurements
  • Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Data import: *.csv format
  • Data export: *.csv format (Excel compatible for further processing), *.png format
  • Data transfer: USB, MicroSD card reader
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