Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders

Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders

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Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders

Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Hollow Piston (CFRP) Cylinders are light-weight and offer an optimum alternative to conventional hollow piston cylinders made of aluminum and steel with weight savings of 60% and more.

Portable Hollow Piston CFRP Cylinders guarantee an easy, quick and efficient positioning and handling. In most cases, lifting tools are unnecessary for transportation and assembly.

CFRP Hollow Piston Cylinders are mainly used in bridge construction, reinforced concrete construction and foundation engineering. By default, cylinders are available with capacities ranging from 40t to 400t.

400t CFRP cylinders are used in bridge construction for tensioning external post-tensioning tendons in hollow box girders. Tensioning can be readily undertaken by two workers without the need for lifting tools. Particularly in geotechnical applications Portable CFRP Cylinders offer a very significant advantage. The equipment mainly used for these application only weights 25kg and has a 120t capacity. External jack cylinders and tensioning chairs for post-tensioning anchors and soil nails can be attached to CFRP Cylinders.

Due to a whole variety of accessories, CFRP Hollow Piston Cylinders are used for the quick tensioning and testing of pile and strand anchors with a minimum of effort.

The main advantages:

  • Extremely easy to operate and universally applicable
  • Considerable reduction of physical strain for employees
  • Hydraulic return for quick retraction of the cylinder
  • Integrated overflow and pressure control valve to avoid damage in case of overpressure
  • High-quality wiper rings at the rod will protect from dirt
  • Impact protection by aramide cover
  • Corrosion-resistance by high-quality material and high-tech coating
  • 700 bar operating pressure
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders
Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders
Portable Hollow-Piston CFRP Cylinders


StrokePassageWeightPiston AreaCompressive Force[E]x(F)ABCDType
[mm][mm][kg][cm²][kN][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm]Typ LR
400t250100ca 93584,14089354x481100200100300L-HK-DZ-400-250-100-HP

*Standard cylinder available on stock
There is a high range of different types of CFRP Cylinders available.

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